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What is BlurryDudeCoin?

BlurryDudeCoin (BDuC) started as a project coin to test the Binance Smart Chain contract creation and deployment process.

Developed by Ian Kline--a.k.a. Blurry Dude--BlurryDudeCoin will act as part of the funding mechanism behind a new utility token being developed tentatively called eLake. We are currently working on a method of possibly transferring the value of one to the other and redistributing the BDuC as eLake to the holders, though research into this process is currently ongoing and we may simply buy all of the BDuC back from holders when the time comes to launch eLake.

We do not expect BDuC to hold value of any kind; however, if it sees market growth, there will be a series of airdrops at various price points (see table below) and the coin will eventually be traded for EverLake in some fashion to be determined--as stated earlier, possible in the form of a buy back.

What is EverLake?

EverLake (eLake) is an NFT token in development that stores educational and scientific data for preservation against bit degradation. Although it is NFT based, there will be a mechanism that occasionally re-records the same data later in the chain in order to create redundancy and flow of data on the network--essentially using the blockchain and the nodes running it as a constantly refreshing RAID system with self-error-correcting, bit-level data integrity.

More information will be available as the technical specifications are all determined and the legal necessities in place.


Total Supply


Public Pool


Reserved For Airdrop


Reserved For Liquidity


Airdrops for BDuC

Market Cap Airdrop Levels

When a market cap listed below is reached and held for 24 hours, the quantity and size of airdrops will be deployed to random holders. Airdrop registration will be available for non-holders in the future.

  •  $100 – 20 airdrops of 1,000,000 BDuC
  •  $1,000 – 50 airdrops of 500,000 BDuC
  •  $10,000 – 100 airdrops of 100,000 BDuC
  •  $100,000 – 200 airdrops of 50,000
  •  $1,000,000 – 500 airdrops of 25,000



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